Indemnity, Rules & Conditions of Entry

This is a FUN EVENT –  not a RACE!

  1. By entering the event, the entrant confirms that he or she is medically fit to compete in the event.
  2. Children up to age of 12 years must be accompanied by adult supervision.
  3. Participants / entrant’s repsonsible for own medical expenses.
  4. NO REFUNDS (no exceptions not even for rain).
  5. In the event of “Acts from God” except rain, the fun challenge will be postponed.
  6. I am aware and undersatnd I am participating in an outdoor, obstacle, river challenge and subject to enviromental risks and possible dangers.
  7. Water obstascle challenge is option. NO LIFE JACKET NO WATER OBSTACLE CHALLENGE PERMITTED!
  8. Life jackets and tubes available to hire.
  9. Own tubes and life jackets welcome.
  10. I hereby understand, agree and accept that Rainbow Inflatables, Tapimanzi Adventures, Xtreme Inflatable River Warrior and assosiates will NOT be held responsible for any losses of any kind, injuries, death, inconvenience, cancellations or delays that may occur.
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